All of the ACE Education Educators are dedicated professionals who have a great enthusiasm for the natural world and enjoy spending time teaching children in an outdoor setting.

In order to provide excellence for students participating in ACE Education field trips, all ACE Education Educators take part in two training periods annually. Most of the ACE Education Educators are either enrolled or have achieved the status of being a NC Certified Environmental Educator.

Environmental Excursion Responsibilities

  • ACE Education teachers are in charge of leading the activities; teachers from the participating school are in charge of “crowd control.”
  • Activities are primarily hands-on learning modules designed to help students better appreciate the many aspects of the natural world around them.
  • Teachers choose curriculum to supplement classroom material based on a provided list of learning modules.
  • Students will be in activity groups of 10-17 (we aim for 15)


  • Observe groups
  • Attend scheduled training days AND/OR arrange a time to go through the activities with Mir (Mir will direct you through the activities until you feel comfortable. Not to worry, she’s done this with a lot of people before!)
  • Lesson plans are available for each activity and will be given to you prior to your scheduled dates.


  • Training days are volunteer
  • Teaching will be $10.00/hour
  • Average number of hours per school field trip: 4.5


  • When schools call to schedule field trips, Mir will contact you about dates when teachers will be needed. You can fill your calendar as much or as little as you’d like, (based on how full our calendar gets).
  • It’s FUN!!! We get to play outside with kids (AND they learn at the same time) instead of sitting or standing at an indoor job all day.