How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help support Agapé from volunteering throughout the year to financial and planned giving opportunities.

Through generous donations of time, needed items, and financial support, Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries is able to provide year-round activities for all ages!

Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries is a 501(c3) charitable organization.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Camp Agapé.

River of Hope!

Over the years, many people have voiced the desire to be involved in the dreams and hopes of Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries. In 1997, the Board of Directors established the River of Hope as a way for people to share their commitment to quality outdoor ministry experiences through ongoing financial and prayer support. River of Hope members have been key in providing opportunities for people of all ages to "Experience the Spirit" through the programs and facilities of Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries.

How are River of Hope Gifts Used?

  • To assist in the development and implementation costs of new programs to meet the changing needs of God's people.
  • To make available the brightest and best staff for "Passing on the Faith." Our staff and their Christian role-modeling is this ministries greatest asset.
  • To provide a solid base for future growth and development. (Your gift is an investment in the future!)

How Do I Join?

By making a gift of at least $100.00 within a calendar year. Contributing to the River of Hope can be easily done in a variety of ways.

  • Auto Recurring Gift: Set up monthly gifts or pledge payments to be automatically gifted to Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries. Recurring gifts allow us to plan and schedule programs with better knowledge of available revenue income.
  • Annual Gift or Pledge: Make an annual pledge; send payments in quarterly, or semi-annually, completing it before the end of the year.


Simple or trust type wills are also a secure and safe way to make sure your gift is delivered to the charity of your choice exactly as you had wished. Each person has a different situation, but there will be a time when each of us will want our will to provide for those we care about in ways we planned and desired.


In some cases advanced estate planning is needed to adequately provide for your wishes upon your death. We can help assist with that planning and by working with your professional advisors be sure your wishes and gifts for our ministry are used and set forth according to your wishes.


This tax qualified gift planning  tool is used by many to increase their present monthly cash flows beyond what normal CD's or Money Market accounts can provide. At the time of your death it then leaves a wonderful tax free gift the charity you have designated.

Stephanie Burke: As Regional Gift Planner for the Carolinas with the ELCA Foundation, Stephanie meets with people to help ensure their Estate and Legacy Plans reflect their wishes for their loved ones and charitable goals. If you'd like to include Agape Kure Beach and/or other ministries or charities in your plan, please just give her a call at 704-293-9436 or email her at

Stephanie is happy to assist you in reviewing your current legacy plans as well as exploring the variety of possibilities to gift the ministries you're passionate about. She provides expertise as well as resources, financial education, and investment and endowment management services to help you joyfully answer the call to both love and serve your neighbor as well as tell your faith story now and into the future. Whether you're interested in making a gift now or through your estate, she is happy to partner with you in crafting your Legacy Plan.

All of her gift planning services are made available to individuals without obligation. It is her ministry to be of service.

Designate your Thrivent Choice dollars to Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries!

Did you know that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has a new charitable giving program? They are no longer matching gifts of any kind. Rather, members are allocated a set amount of money to give to the Lutheran organizations of their choice.

We invite you to designate your allocated dollars to Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Log onto
  • Sign in with your username and password or register for an account.
  • Once you have registered and signed in, select the "Search" button for Thrivent Choice on the right hand side.
  • In the middle of the page, type in "Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries" in the Organization Name box and click "Search."
  • Next to our camp name, you will see click the "Direct Now" button. You will be able to assign all or part of your choice dollars to us. You can also set up your donation to reoccur automatically.
  • Click the "Submit" button and your Thrivent Choice Dollars will be sent to our ministry.

Volunteers make this ministry possible!

Whether you have helped with a bulk mailing, spread woodchips on Camp Agapé trails, or power washed a deck, we appreciate you! Your time and talents are essential to this ministry! Without your help, Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries would have a difficult time keeping our sites looking so nice. We value all of our volunteers and encourage anyone with a heart for service to consider donating some of his or her time.

Equipment that is used frequently by many people wears out quickly and can be very expensive to replace. For that reason, the staff at Agapé † Kure Beach Ministries often has to rely on donated equipment. We gladly accept used as well as new items and will happily issue a receipt for any tax deductible donation.

Items Needed for Office Management:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Reams of copy paper

Needed Items for Camp Agapé

  • Wood Chips for trails (truckloads)
  • EZ-up Tents
  • Mini-vans for Day Camp teams (used-good condition)
  • Commercial String Trimmer
  • Portable Generator
  • New Entrance Sign